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Semaphore Villa

Sainte Maxime, Provence-Alps-Cote-d’Azure, South of France

Domain details

The villa is located on the domain Résidence Les Hauts du Semaphore and is on the Semaphore Hill in Sainte Maxime.  It is a pleasant 15 minute walk with sea views or a 5 minute drive down to the town centre of Sainte Maxime.  If you enjoy walking you can find several different routes down the hill, each with its own charm.  The walks can take you to the beaches at La Nartelle or the beaches and amenities in Sainte Maxime and also down to the coast road between these two points.

Access roads into the Résidence are identified by letters A to E with A being at the top level of the hill.  The access roads are all off the Chemin du Semaphore.


Domain pool

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Résidence Les Hauts du Semaphore

The domain has 5 tennis courts, a swimming pool and a boules pitch.  All of these are free for the use of the guests staying in the villa. There is a large main pool and a smaller one for children along with showers and toilets.  During the summer months there is a lifeguard on duty and the pool receives daily maintenance from the staff.  The domain employs a gardener to look after the paths and roadways and the shrubs and flowers in the public areas.

The gates to the pool and the tennis courts are opened with an electronic key fob which will be provided for guests.

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